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Fact or Fiction? The biggest myths about getting a website

By James C | Friday, 29 April 2016
After getting a mortgage and having a baby, your first website is a big step and a major life deci...

Fact or Fiction? The biggest myths about getting a website

By James C | Friday, 29 April 2016

After getting a mortgage and having a baby, your first website is a big step and a major life decision.

There's also more myths and misconceptions mixed up in the matter than it's possible to list. Luckily for you, we're here to discredit, debunk and disarm them – so let's take a look at the biggest myths about getting a website, and sort the fact from the fiction.


Getting a website is expensive

Not True! If all you need is a domain and hosting, you can get your website online for only a few dollars a month.

Your web address doesn't need to cost more than a sandwich, and however you slice it you can get fast, reliable hosting – including your own email! – for less per month than you'd pay for a coffee.

Even if you're having a gourmet sandwich and an extra espresso shot in your coffee, the truth is a web address is not expensive, not even a little bit.


You need to know computer programming to design a website

This is so far from the truth it's up there with the Loch Ness Monster sighted in the river Thames.

From drag-and-drop website builder tools (and there's dozens of them out there) to sites like Medium, Wordpress and Tumblr, you don't need to know your Java from your JavaScript or your Python from your Perl.

Knowledge of front or back-end web design is no barrier to a website.


All the good domain names are already taken

To say the good names have all been taken is like saying the Mothman ate your baby. You can say it all you like, it doesn't make it true.

Even back before the domain name revolution (who can even remember those dark days any more?) when all you had to choose from was .com, .org, .net and some country-codes, the "good" names weren't all taken.

Now with hundreds of domains to choose from, the perfect domain is waiting for you. Be local with a city name like .melbourne, show your national pride with names like .wales, make it relevant to your profession with .photo, or find something generic like .space or .xyz.


It's too difficult

My Grandparents still refer to the radio as "the wireless" and believe myths about crocodiles living in the sewers, and even they don't find it difficult to get online.

It's not the 90s any more. Nobody should find it difficult to get a website.

Whether you want a simple domain & hosting set up, or need to get your business empire on the internet, it's crazy easy to do.

The absolute easiest way to get online is with a Crazy Domains package. From the online startup package to the ultimate empire package, you can get everything you need in one, neat bundle. It's so really, incredibly simple.


It takes too long

If you think getting a website online takes too long, then you probably also believe in the myth of bigfoot.

There (probably) isn't an undiscovered ape-man living in the woods, and getting a website online doesn't take a long time.

"Too long" is a very subjective term, and getting online can take as long as you want it to, but it's an outright myth that it needs to take more than just minutes.

It's incredibly fast to get your own website – a domain can be registered almost instantly, and a website can be designed in less time than it takes to conclude that anyone who thinks they've seen Bigfoot is likely to just be crazy.


It's not necessary

Some people think their business doesn't need a website. Some also believe myths about drop bears, that doesn't mean either are right.

The truth is, if you don't have a website you might as well be invisible.

What's the first thing anyone does when they're looking for a business or service? They don't dig out the Yellow Pages any more. They go online.

If your business doesn't have a website, that means that when someone looks for you they are more likely to find a competitor – and your potential orders will go to a rival instead.

How coupons can boost all your advertising results

By Anand D | Friday, 22 April 2016

Half the money I spend on marketing is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

- John Wanamaker

This quote, a favourite of marketing professionals everywhere, is as true now as it was when it was first spoken. Even though we have more ability than ever to accurately measure the results of our paid promotions, too many marketers rely on a combination of gut instinct and assumptions when deciding how they should appeal to people, where they should place ads and what they should look like.

One way you can get a better handle on your promotions (and this works offline just as well as it does online) is to use a coupon instead of a discount. These two options aren’t completely analogous, but a coupon gives you many of the psychological benefits of a discount while also giving you the chance to test a variety of placements and appeals.

Think of it this way:

If you use a regular discount on a good or service and somebody buys it, how do you know where this person came from? How did they learn about the promotion? Did they just find it accidentally and luck into getting the lower price?

If you use a coupon, you can answer these questions. You will, unlike John Wanamaker, be able to tell which half of the money you spend on marketing is wasted. You will be able to test a variety of different appeals, locations and designs to see what is most effective.

You will have the chance to track how much money you get back from your advertising efforts – and figure out where you’re spending too much and where you need to focus your efforts. If your coupon codes are different for different locations, this is as easy as collecting the data and viewing a spreadsheet.

This option is also available online if you use different coupon codes in different online locations. All you have to do is alter the banners or copy you use in different places to feature different active coupon codes. The possibilities are endless.

It’s just another way you can take more control over your offline and online promotional activities. Given the knowledge of how different places, appeals and design can bring in different return on investment, you’ll be able to approach your marketing efforts with new confidence and much more information.

Are you crazy about your hosting?

By James C | Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hosting comes in different shapes and sizes, from standard web hosting, to virtual private servers and email hosting.

Occasionally, these things can make the news for all the wrong reasons – or you can find that what you're paying for isn't exactly what you want or need. Let's take a look at the most popular types of hosting, and what you should know.

What is Web Hosting? I have a domain name, isn't that all I need?

Think of your domain name like your home's street address. You own the "address" for your home, but you still need to have the physical plot of land to build your house on. That plot of land is your web hosting.

We recently covered the 9 things you need to know before you choose a web host, but what can you expect from Crazy Domains Web Hosting? Take superior technology for a start!

Many providers use old HDD technology as standard – did you know that this technology has been around since the 1950s?!

Our Premium and Unlimited Hosting plans use Solid State Drive (SDD) storing your precious data in microchips, meaning there will be no delay in retrieving or writing data – greatly improving the access time, and with it your web site's speed.

Crazy Domains Hosting at a glance

  • High performance – our SSD hosting serves data about 100 times faster than HDD
  • Our network is monitored 24/7 allowing you to rest assured that your site is in the best hands
  • Unlike other hosting providers, Crazy Domains retains a backup array for all web hosting accounts for 30 days
  • Your website also can't be automatically deleted. In the event of serious policy violations, or a simple contract expiry, we will advise you in advance that your website will be suspended. It stays as suspended for 30 days before being removed from servers

What is the advantages of a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) partition single physical servers into isolated virtual private servers, with each looking and behaving like a networked server system, complete with its own users, processes, and file systems.

VPS is different and more advanced than your standard web hosting, allowing multiple applications to be isolated from one another within the same container, which is dedicated to one customer.

What safeguards does VPS have?

You may have heard stories and read reports of unfortunate web hosting providers accidentally deleting customer data. How do you know your data is safe with our VPS?

  • Your VPS can't be deleted without human approval. There are no automated scripts that could delete your website, they can only be manually deleted.
  • All servers need to be shut down before they can be deleted, giving an extra level of peace of mind for you.
  • Snapshots, a read-only copy of your data set taken at a point in time, are kept so that in the event of failure, we can “roll back" the VPS to any day in the last 7 days

Why get Email Hosting?

If you read the recent post 5 ways having your own email address pays for itself you don't need telling how having your own professional email address means that your emails are more likely to be delivered and less likely to be marked as spam.

There are other advantages, too, such as thinking about the future. If you use a free web based email provider, do you know if they will still be around in 5 years? More to the point, will you still want to be using it?

You might have an email address that you think is funny, or for your nickname, or just for a provider you think is cool. But while some sites like AOL and Hotmail have lost popularity, what is popular today might not be tomorrow. And what you think is a good name today might not be so great when you need to apply for a job, or when you ask customers to contact your business.

On the other hand, your name, or your business name, is less likely to change – or to be a source of embarrassment for you.

From a technical perspective, Email Hosting is a smart decision, providing you with the latest spam and antivirus technology, as well as being hosted on a word-class cloud storage network and coming with 24/7 tech support.

Got all you need?

An unlimited web hosting plan can be yours from less than $10/mo! Or if you're on a budget, you can spend less than a fiver a month – you'd struggle to get a large coffee for that in Sydney.

If you're not sure what hosting plan is right for you, or just need more information, we have staff available to take your questions 24/7 with email, telephone and live chat options available!

5 reasons to get your .COM.AU domain

By James C | Friday, 15 April 2016

.COM.AU is the original, best and biggest selling web address for Australia. And for a limited time only it's also just $9.90!*

This special offer won't last forever, so here are five great reasons to register a COM.AU name today:


.COM.AU is only $9.90*!

For a limited time this domain is less than ten bucks! We're confident you won't find another offer like it across this great southern land.

With some domains running into hundreds of dollars, or more, you can get your COM.AU website name for less than the price of a pint. There’s not many times you can say that.


It's trustworthy!

Research has consistently shown that Aussies trust .au websites.

The 2015 AusRegistry survey reported two-thirds of respondents were more likely to trust a website ending with .au.

This means you're more likely to have customers providing you with accurate personal information that you use to best serve their needs. It's a win for everyone.


It's popular!

Despite the ever-increasing market of new names, more Australians than ever before prefer .au domains over generic alternatives.

Two-thirds of customers who hold .COM.AU names are doing so because it's the most popular domain type in Australia and/or best represents Australian organisations.

At last count, more than 3 million .au domains have been registered – placing .COM.AU firmly within the top 10 of all country codes globally by volume.


It's secure!

.COM.AU domains are protected by a number of security measures designed to safeguard Australian internet users, and preserve the integrity of the Australian Internet landscape.


It makes the ideal alternative to your .COM!

Google uses a number of markers – including domain name extensions – to index websites for its search results. When someone conducts a Google search in Australia, your .COM.AU domain name is a strong indicator that the website is relevant and authentic, which can boost your chances of being found.

Even if your main website is a .COM you don't need to be limited to just one web address, and you can easily redirect Australian customers to your dedicated Aussie .COM.AU site.

If you have a .COM.AU domain, let us know in the comments what attracted to you it over any other. If you don't have one, it's crazy easy to do and now better value than ever!

* $9.90 Min 2 yr registration, total cost $19.80. Applies to new domain registrations only, max registration 2 years.

Announcing the WINNERS of Crazy Sydney Experiences

By James C | Monday, 11 April 2016

After 45 days, 1080 hours, and nearly 500 competition entries, the Crazy Sydney Experiences competition is now finished!

Thank YOU

Thank you to everyone who registered, renewed or transferred their .SYDNEY web domain to enter the competition to win some of the best experiences money can buy in the iconic city of Sydney.

The lucky winners of our 12 wonderful Crazy Sydney Experiences have now been chosen and contacted…

Announcing the winners

The winners are:

Training from International Wing Chung Academy:

Tandem Skydive with Sydney Skydivers:

Weekend Climb Gift Certificate with BridgeClimb Sydney:

Annual VIP Pass for Luna Park Sydney:

$150 Dining Voucher for The Deck Sydney:

$100 Voucher for Sydney Fish Market:

Family voucher for Café Purrfection cat café:

Stay tuned for more

If you weren't a winner this time, never fear – stay tuned for more exciting competitions coming in the near future.

And don’t forget, as well as iconic .SYDNEY there are new web addresses for cities all over the world – from Europe to Asia, Africa, North America and Australia, waiting for you to make your mark.

Thank you to .SYDNEY ambassadors

A big thank you goes out to all our Crazy Sydney Experiences prize providers:

3 cheap, easy ways to make a great-looking website

By Anand D | Friday, 8 April 2016

It's 2016, as everyone loves to remind us.

Yet there are still too many businesses who are struggling with sites that look like they were designed in 1999. What looked state of the art then is shameful now.

That's too bad, because there are so many ways to create a site that looks great without breaking the bank. Let's look at a couple of them and see if we can bring the world into the 21st century.


HTML Templates

There are so many of these out there, with lots of them available for free. That's free. As in, no money. That's enough to sway a lot of people.

And they work great for simple portfolio sites. People in the creative professions really only need a site that displays some text and pictures, loads quickly and looks good on all devices. Plus, they're usually broke.

That's where HTML templates can help you. They have the downside of requiring some knowledge of HTML and CSS to personalise, but you can't beat the price tag.

But not everybody can get by with such a minimal site. Luckily, there are more options.



We've written about WordPress before, whether it's how to make money with it or a guide on keeping it safe. It's a great option, as are Joomla! and Drupal.

The basic versions of these are also free, but there's a catch in that – if you want to seriously personalise your site or add a lot of extra functionality, these are often packaged as extras. People work hard on these, so it makes sense that you should pay for them.

Let's break down how much it can cost to have a site that's professional and personalised on WordPress (not including hosting and the domain, which are only a small part of the cost):

  WordPress: Free
  Premium theme: $50-$200
  Plugins for added functionality (marketing, ecommerce, etc…): Some of these are subscription-based, so it turns into a long-term expense.

So the yearly total could easily add up to a couple of hundred dollars. Pretty pricy for a free site, but for a lot of people this is a very manageable expense.


Site builders

These are by far the option that's easiest to use. They come with a set of functions that you can add to your site at any time, usually in a drag and drop interface that allows you to change the appearance and function of your pages.

They usually have the disadvantage of being proprietary technology. That means you can't migrate your site every week between hosts, since each creator of each site builder doesn't want their software to become public knowledge.

On the other hand, with our Site Builder you get web and email hosting included. It's a subscription-based service, but it comes bundled with everything that you need to get online – like web hosting and your own email service.

Best of all?

Prices start at less than five dollars per month. You can get a site that will look great on all devices, has a lot of functionality and includes most of the bells and whistles for an amount of money that's probably in your couch cushions. Well, maybe not literally, but you get the idea.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments on Facebook.

5 ways having your own email address pays for itself

By Anand D | Friday, 1 April 2016

Why you need a personalised email address

Email is one of the things that everybody expects to be free. With the great number of free email platforms, a lot of people wonder why on earth they should spend money to create their own email address – beyond the vanity of having their own name behind the dot, of course.

There are five main reasons why a branded email address that uses your domain name is absolutely essential. Let’s take a look at them.


Branding your communications

With an email address that includes your domain, every message you send turns into a link to your site. It gives your site more exposure and reminds people who you are and, by extension, what you do.

Every time someone sees an email from, they might be reminded of who you are. If they see one from, then they’ll remember what and where your business is. Sending emails from a free email account advertises the service you’re using. Sending it from your domain advertises your site.


Create trust

If the people who receive your emails see that they were sent from a free email address, that makes it looks like you’re not taking things seriously. It seems as though you haven’t even invested the small amount of time and money that it takes to create a professional email address.

This even exists on the level of spam-blocking technology. Which brings us to our next point:


Increase delivery and open rates

If you try to send mass emails from a free account, you’ll immediately see the difference. Emails from free accounts are more likely to be flagged as spam – understandably, as spammers are less likely to spend money on creating emails addresses that end up getting banned or shut down.

Your emails bounce back more and fail to be delivered – if you’re even allowed to send them.

In fact, Gmail had so many problems with this that they banned mass mailings from their account, limiting you to 500 per day. Mass mailings from standard free addresses are simply not possible.


No ads or data mining

A lot of free email services pay for themselves by including ads. There’s nothing wrong with this in principle, but a lot of people dislike the fact that the content of their emails are often mined for data that are used to target ads to them.

Remember – if it’s free to you and it costs money to someone, then you’re not the customer, you’re the product. Now, nobody’s saying that Google or Yahoo are interested in stealing the recipe for biscuits that your bakery is working on. However, many business owners don’t like the idea that their private communications are being algorithmically analysed for keywords that are used to target ads at you.

The fact is that free services are all monetised. It’s just that you’re not their customer. Their customer is the person who buys ads to show you. Naturally these free services will do what they need to in order to keep their customers happy.


It’s included with your website

Crazy Domains include email for free with web hosting accounts. Since our hosting starts at only a couple of dollars a month and the setup takes just minutes, the outlay of time and money is incredibly low. The benefits include more reliability, exposure for your site and control over the service.

If you’re not using a professional email address, you’re probably throwing money away.

We talked about how easy it to set up your own email on this blog before. Check it out if you want to make sure.

Do you want to win a truly Crazy Sydney Experience?

By James C | Friday, 25 March 2016

Crazy Domains has teamed up with the registry behind .SYDNEY to bring you some amazing experiences in Australia's most iconic city.

Until April 1, every .SYDNEY registration, renewal, or transfer with Crazy Domains qualifies you for one entry into the Crazy Sydney Experiences competition. Enter here: Sydney domain registration.

What can you win? That's a great question!

Check out what these .SYDNEY ambassadors are offering:

But why register a .SYDNEY domain at all?

1. Compelling power!

The new .SYDNEY web address is the opportunity for a memorable address. In addition, the name gives you a local connection, helping you to outsmart competitors and be more readily found and remembered.

2. A chance to completely own your category online!

Names like, don't come along often but .SYDNEY can give you that competitive advantage.

3. Stronger connections to 4.76 million people!

This is your chance to speak directly to your audience and the city they live in.

4. Don't give up your existing address!

Ask us how we can help you to easily point your new .SYDNEY address to your existing .com or domain.

5. Get a unique and focused address.

You already know that a domain name is the beginning of something incredible, with .SYDNEY you can put your website on the map

Update! Winners Announced

Check out the list of winners and their great .SYDNEY domains in our blog post here

Don't register a domain until you check these 10 tips

By Anand D | Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Your domain name is your online address, your site's brand name and the first thing that a lot of your visitors will know about you. It's the beginning of something awesome.

But there are a lot of examples of domains going wrong – whether it's Pen Island making or Speed of Art making, you don't want to be the next one to register one of these ridiculous domains.

Luckily, here are 10 pieces of advice to make registering the right domain name Crazy Easy.


Use your business

If your business is called Rick's Body Shop and you're in Australia, then is probably what you should look at. That's pretty easy.

But what if you don't have a physical business? What if your site is your business? Should you use relevant keywords – like – or try to create a brand – like

One of the best ways to make your site memorable and eye-catching while still retaining the slight boost you get in search engines from having a keyword in your domain is to create a brand that includes a keyword.

If you have a name that people can't immediately link to your business, then it requires a lot more time spent establishing your brand. If your brand includes what you do, then it's easy to understand from the first glance. That's what makes brands like or so effective – they do what they say right in the name.

Including your business right in the domain name has gotten even easier with new domain extensions – nothing says that you're a plumber like a .plumbing domain or florist like a .florist and – well, you get the idea. These new extensions take a lot of the headache out of branding.


Be brief

Make sure that people can type and remember your domain name. A big part of this is making it short – longer things are just harder to remember and type.

Being short is another advantage of the new domain extensions. Take Alphabet, Google's parent company, who registered These short domains are often not available in the more established domain name spaces.


Make it uniquely yours

You don't want your site to be mistaken for one that's already been established – it makes you look like an imitator. Even worse, it can lead to legal challenges in rare cases. Make sure you do your research and register a domain that's all yours.



If you've got a local business, you will want to include the city in your domain name. You can do this by making it, but if you take advantage of new domain extensions it can go on the other side of the dot – like


Protect your brand

Okay, here the advice is going to be "spend more money" but we promise – it makes a lot of sense.

If you have a new domain extension, then you're going to have an easier time creating a memorable brand. But, on the other hand, when people type your address into their browsers, some of them are going to forget that anything other than .com (or or whatever local extension is used most often) exists.

For this reason, you're going to need to register multiple domains – perhaps two or three – and create a 301 redirect to your main site. It's a small extra expense, but it's usually worth it when you consider the type-in-traffic you'll get.

Another way to protect your brand from unwanted attention is to register the .porn, .adult and .xxx extensions for your domain. You don't want anyone connecting your business to the adult industry without your knowledge.


Don't use a bunch of numb3rs-and-hyphens

It might be tempting, but these are hard to remember, hard to pass around via word of mouth (that's numbers with a three, like the number, not the word, instead of the e and hyphens between every word, the symbols not the word – you know what, forget it) and correlates badly with good Google results.


Reserve the name early

When it comes to creating a website, the domain is rarely the biggest expense. Registering domains is affordable and involves no obligation to do anything else with them. If you have a great idea for a site but don't know if you want to create a site just yet, you can register the domain and sit on it until you're ready to make a site.


Make it professional

This bears saying although it seems obvious – make sure that your domain name is spelled correctly and doesn't include any slang.

Even ideas that seem good can be ridiculous when written down. That's how IHA Las Vegas ended up with the domain Make sure it doesn't spell anything that you don't want to say.


Backorder inactive domains

If you know that there's a perfect domain for your site but it's currently registered, don't lose hope. Do a WhoIs lookup and see when it expires. If it's soon and there's isn't a regularly-updated site hosted at the domain, then it's a perfect candidate for backordering.


Take your time

Brainstorming a lot of good ideas is always worth it. Take the time to think about it now and you may not have to face the time, expense and trouble of migrating your site to a new domain later.

That's it. If you follow these 10 tips on how to choose a domain, you're going to have a Crazy Easy time being successful online.

A domain name is the beginning of something incredible. Make sure you start out right.

Top 5 ways to make money with Wordpress

By James C | Thursday, 17 March 2016

You already know how quick and easy it is to set up a Wordpress blog, and when you're self hosting on it's Crazy Easy to get a domain and hosting for your site with Crazy Domains.

Something we get asked a lot is "how can I make money with Wordpress?"

Help is at hand. Read on for our top tips on money making.


Plugins and Themes

Plugins are designed to extend the basic functionality of WordPress. Want SEO optimisation? There's a plugin for that. Google Analytics? Plugins have it covered.

If you want to earn some money with Wordpress, making and selling the best plugins are a great place to start.

Remember, you don't need to be the first – you only need to be the best. Identify gaps in the market and promote your plugins and you could be making a tidy sum in no time.

Are your skills more centred around design? There is an almost limitless demand for Wordpress themes.

Responsive designs, stylish and modern layouts, funky, retro themes: the sky's the limit. If you're good at what you do, there is good money to be made with selling Wordpress themes.

Top tip:
Both plugins and themes have marketplaces across the internet, as well as on Wordpress, waiting for you to take them by storm.


Setup Service can be daunting at first for some people. Not you, though. You're an old hand at setting up a site on Wordpress. Why not make money out of your expertise?

There are small businesses and entrepreneurs out there needing to get their Wordpress site up and running fast, but don't have the skills to do it.

Time is money: be the hero these businesses need by offering a full service setup for their Wordpress.

You take care of the theme, plugins, pages, and full customisation – and they save money on the long run by getting their site live fast.

Top tip:
Set yourself apart from the competition and provide extras such as website protection or email hosting.



Your blog is the ideal place to promote your own products and services. Perhaps you have plugins and themes you want to promote, or a Wordpress setup service to offer?

You can also make money serving third party ads to your visitors using Google AdSense or similar platforms.

While advertising on can be set up using WordAds if you have moderate to high traffic and appropriate content, it is subject to approval from Wordpress.

On the other hand, VIP sites and are much more permissive and allow you to run any ads you'd like.

Top tip:
Make sure visitors come to your site for the content. Over-enthusiastic or aggressive advertising will only put people off and drive them away. Always deliver value to your visitors!


Sponsored posts

If your blog has a loyal and engaged readership, it is not a stretch to monetise it with sponsored posts.

Once you are being noticed, it won't be long before brands and businesses want to be featured in posts – and your readers may find this less intrusive or more interesting than straight advertising.

How you manage sponsored content is entirely your own decision, and can require an amount of thought and planning.

Pay particular attention to if you plan to promise content in return for reward, how often you post sponsored content, and if you only write content yourself or accept " guest posts" as sponsored content.

There are, however, strict rules to avoid being penalised by search engines – so make sure you know the details around using nofollow links, and clearly marking sponsored content as such. If you're not clear or are unsure, check out the latest post from Google on the subject Best practices for reviewing products you've received for free.

Done properly, sponsored content can be win-win: brands will get exposure, your readers will get good quality content that interests them, and you will make money from your site.

Top tip:
Most affiliate links and sponsored posts from reputable merchants are allowed even on – so long as you are delivering original content. As with advertising, make sure you put content first – or visitors will vote with their feet and go elsewhere.


Set up an online store

Whether you make and sell tangible products, or something less physical like Wordpress themes, having a store on your Wordpress site will enable you to start making money from your site.

There's a variety of e-commerce solutions you can use to set up a cart on your Wordpress site, including many free shopping cart plugins for Wordpress, and it's Crazy easy to do.

By integrating a store on your site, rather than sending your customers away to eBay or Etsy or any other site, you keep them on your site, right where you want them to stay.

Top tip:
Integrating eCommerce on your site can be free to do and means you don't need to send customers offsite where they might get distracted, or exposed to competitor offers.

From selling plugins, to offering a Wordpress setup service, or hosting advertising there's a lot of Crazy easy ways to make money with Wordpress.

If you have any of your own we've not covered, leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter.