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Keep your site more secure – get 5% discount on Site Protection!

By Jorisse G | Friday, 24 February 2017
Security is a primary concern these days. More threats are lurking on the web, watching for any vu...

Keep your site more secure – get 5% discount on Site Protection!

By Jorisse G | Friday, 24 February 2017

Security is a primary concern these days. More threats are lurking on the web, watching for any vulnerability and ready to attack when you're at your weakest.

According to the recent Cyber Security Survey 2016 conducted by BDO and AusCERT*, 57.4 percent of the surveyed Australian and New Zealand businesses were impacted by ransomware, phishing, and malware incidents in the last financial year.

Prevent identify theft and website hacking with the highest level of industry standard protection at Crazy Domains.

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The best defense for your website

Don't take any chances with your website. Make sure to prevent yourself from harmful interests looking to get their hands on your – or your customers – private information.

Site Protection at Crazy Domains lets you sit back and be reassured that your website is thoroughly protected. With the tightest safeguards in place against malware and hackers, you can make sure that malicious hackers won't succeed in stealing your customers' information and other important data.

Build trust with customers

Build trustworthiness with your customers by displaying an official trust seal. Plus, with our live monitoring tool, you get to prevent the blacklisting of your site. With daily checks and alerts on vulnerabilities, you can make sure that your website doesn't end up on Google's blacklist.

Get all the latest information you need with an easy online dashboard where you can monitor your site and status, with detailed reports and options for fixing and cleanup.

Support is always available 24/7, with security experts ready to help.

New offer at Crazy Domains – 5% discount!

Crazy Domains brings the best when it comes to protecting your site and helping you get more opportunities for business. Now, our Crazy promo lets you get 5% discount on our Site Protection product!

Get it until 28 February! Just use the promo code DEFENDER in your shopping cart to redeem.

* Terms and conditions apply. Promo cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion. After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal list price. Offer does not apply to renewals or transfers.

Offer applies to all markets. Dreamscape Networks FZ-LLC reserves the right to refuse, cancel or delete an order under any circumstances or basis at its discretion and shall not be held liable for any matters resulting from such actions.

Absolutely hot social media trends for 2017

By Nicolo Nasol | Friday, 17 February 2017

In the past decade, the scale on which the social media industry has changed our daily lives remains unprecedented.

Beginning 2004, online platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber, etc. — have started appearing and then entered into our daily conversations.

And before we knew it, the social media has already influenced the way we look at the world and how we interact with other people.

Dawn of the New Internet Culture

Nowadays, every social media user — it's safe to suppose — is aware of what it means for a post to run "viral", or to be trending, in the web. News and information have not traveled faster in any time in history than now.

Online communication has also never been this more important. Whether it be at home, at school, or especially at the offices, social media is a necessary medium to get things done.

The Evolution of Social Media

The astonishing breakthroughs made by the social media have provided opportunities for business establishments to boom and evolve.

Most, if not all, establishments have since then adapted themselves to the contemporary online platforms, such as including the use of Facebook for their customer service, ads, etc.

Consequently, all brands and customers are now conscious of how important it is to keep up-to-date with latest social media trends.

Absolutely Hot Social Media Trends for 2017

The social media evolution for 2017 will definitely surprise the marketing industry. Here are four hot stuff to expect this year:
took on 2016 and is now hot! People no longer find it enough to just post content. People now want real-time content and live streaming. People want a real vicarious experience — to watch the event as it is unfolding right before their eyes — through social media.

A significant 2016 report of the Social Media Examiner showed that 60% of marketers use video in their marketing, and 50% will be using live video services such as Facebook Live. (Facebook gives marketers a chance to put up to 4 hours of video streamed real-time. This year, Facebook will also roll its 360-degree video for its Live users.)
is hot and will find its way in entering the marketing world this year. (Take for example the augmented reality of Pokemon GO Fever in 2016) Note that Volvo has used VR test drive for their customers. Certainly, VR will provide effective product demonstrations in the future, and this will be good for the customers.
is in the works as well. Chatbots are now so efficient AIs that they are able to have a conversation with a person. These are made ready to answer and process a costumer's inquiry and transactions, and ensure a business establishment that there will be someone to answer the costumer 24/7.
will get even hotter. The population of active monthly users has reached around 4 billion, and so brands will be leaning more on with this app this year and take advantage of this.
Support is a really important factor in web hosting. With proper assistance from your hosting provider, you can have a much smoother experience setting and maintaining a website.

Times are indeed changing, and so must we.

Businesses in Asia will boom with a custom FREE .ASIA at Crazy Domains!

By Jorisse G | Thursday, 16 February 2017

Free .Asia Domain for 1 Year at
Asia leads the world when it comes to online business, with established market leaders in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as up-and-coming markets in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Customers who have business interests in Asia will be able to take the best advantage of Crazy Domains' latest promo. The .ASIA domain is available for registration – for FREE, leveraging localised presence like never before.

Craziest campaign ever!

3.8 million people go online for the first time every month in Southeast Asia, and Crazy Domains is poised to expand influence in the region.
Now, new customers can get .ASIA websites plus email addresses for FREE, for 1 whole year.

FREE .ASIA comes with dedicated email

Crazy Domains knows how important it is to have a custom email for business. With the free .ASIA offer, customers can also enjoy a free email address, owning their online identity in the best way.
With dedicated email, there is more authority across all communications, building trust and improving delivery and open rates. This serves as free advertisement for businesses, building a good first impression with the best impact.

Stand out in the crowded online space with .ASIA!

.ASIA is the dedicated domain for the world's fastest growing region. With a recognisable domain name, businesses all over Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines can distinguish themselves in the crowded online marketplace, with more branding opportunities to take advantage of.

More benefits at Crazy Domains

Crazy Domains is a trusted and affordable online service provider offering premium service through innovative products for online growth. With the free .ASIA campaign, everyone from businesses to bloggers in the five Asian marketplaces can enjoy features never seen before!

Customers not only experience these free perks from the promo, but they also get to experience expert 24/7 support service through live chat, social media, email and call.

Free .Asia Domain and Professional Email for 1 Year at Crazy Domains
Get started at Crazy Domains today and discover why Asians go crazy for FREE .ASIA! Offer is available for a limited time only!

Anyone looking to jumpstart online presence in Asia should take advantage before it's gone!

*Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion. After the initial purchase term, products will renew at the then-current renewal list price. Offer does not apply to Premium domains, renewals or transfers.

Offer applies to residents of Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines only, and is strictly limited to one order per customer. Free email hosting is dependent on a live .ASIA domain. Dreamscape Networks FZ-LLC reserves the right to refuse, cancel or delete an order under any circumstances or basis at its discretion and shall not be held liable for any matters resulting from such actions.

A fee will apply to unlock DNS settings of all domains registered as part of this offer.

Cloud Backup service now live at Crazy Domains

By Jorisse G | Friday, 10 February 2017

It gets easier to protect your data at Crazy Domains! In partnership with cloud data storage provider Acronis, Crazy Domains offers easy backup solution to customers all over Australia.

Data protection is a critical issue these days, with more and more growing challenges as the number of attacks increase. Fortunately, businesses and individuals can take advantage of security services to protect their privacy and information.

With Crazy Domains Cloud Backup, Australian customers can worry less over data loss and other malicious security threats.

Unlimited backup in one account!

Customers can back up as many PCs and devices as they want, plus many more, in just one dedicated account. With automatic protection in one unlimited account, files, photos and more are safeguarded against accidental loss or corruption.

Backup made easy and affordable!

Setting up automated backup on all devices is done in just a few clicks, launching uninterrupted, continuous backup. Managing of files is accessible from any device with an easy-to-use console. Plus, users get to enjoy one-click recovery for hassle-free restoration of one or multiple files!

Choose a plan for business or personal use

Crazy Domains offers specialised plans for your business or for your personal use. Personal Backup features privacy encryption, instant backups, full recovery, fast restoration, data retrieval, and remote file access, all done in real time with easy setup to boot. For Business Backup, choose between automation or custom scheduling, with incremental backups to save only what you need. Multiple backup copies can be stored in different destinations for more security, along with backup validation, system performance, and Microsoft business app integration.

More benefits for Crazy Domains customers!

The Acronis partnership enables Crazy Domains customers to access the world's fastest and most innovative technology for data protection, with complete security across all devices and all environments. Unparalleled speed is provided by using an Australian datacentre, complying with regulations for protection and retention of data. Full encryption gives customers a peace of mind like no other, complete with 24/7 local support through phone, email and chat to ensure best in world service.

Don't take chances with your online security! Get started with Crazy Domains Online Backup now.

How to speed up your website

By James C | Friday, 3 February 2017

The load times of your website is an important factor when it comes to keeping customers. At this time and age, even a one-second delay is enough for someone to lose interest.

This is why you need to make sure your speed is at its optimum capacity. In this article, we'll take a look at the steps you can take to ensure that your website is up to speed.

Reduce your site HTTP requests

The loading time of a page can be affected by the number of images, scripts and other elements that have to be downloaded. HTTP requests are sent for all of these aspects, which means that sites with more elements take longer load times.Current web design trends lean toward simplicity to make sites efficient and fast. Remember to keep your design straightforward and professional for the best impact.

Your server response time

An ideal server response time would be less than 200ms. To make sure your site is at its optimal speed, Google recommends using a web app for monitoring. Check especially for any blockages in the performance of the site.

Compress large pages

Pages that are rich in quality content tend to be unwieldly, causing slower load times. To avoid taking more time for them to download, a practice called compression can be used.

You can reduce your HTTP response by lessening the page bandwidth through compression, which zips your pages. A popular tool, Gzip, can help you with this, with many web servers able to compress files in Gzip format. According to Yahoo, using this tool can help you reduce response time by up to 70%.

Use browser caching

When users visit your site, the page components are temporarily stored in a cache. This is why the next visit entails faster loading as there is no need to send more HTTP requests.

For this, you can set expires headers to tell the browser whether certain elements need to be requested or if it's already stored in a cache. Setting expires headers for a particular element, such as images, will tell the browser to store it in a cache. The next time the user visits the site, the page will load faster with the images already available.

Minify your code

Every little part of your code contributes to page size, so it's important to minify it and get rid of unnecessary spaces, lines and others. This will help you trim your page as best as you can. Google recommends minifying HTML by generating an optimised version. The same goes for CSS and JavaScript.

Keep your images optimised

Bulky images will not do for your pages, so you need to make the file sizes as small as possible. For format, JPEG is the best option. Check that the code is right and always include the correct src attributes with URLs.

Cut your number of site plugins

Not only will having many plugins create concerns with security, but they will also slow down your site and even cause technical issues and crashes. Make sure to get rid of unnecessary plugins and check that the ones you're using are not causing slow load times for your site.

Keep redirects to a minimum

While you may be tempted to redirect your visitors to other pages to let them see more, you also need to keep in mind that redirects create more HTTP requests, amplifying load time.

For faster page speeds, make sure to choose the best hosting that fits with the needs of your website.

Crazy Domains celebrates Australia Day!

By Alex J | Friday, 27 January 2017

January 26 is a special day for Australia. It is one of the most anticipated national holidays in the country – namely Australia Day. Communities across the country organise activities to celebrate the day. In commemoration of this event, Crazy Domains rolled out several promos for existing and new customers in Australia.

What is Australia Day?

Australia Day falls every January 26 and it marks the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain. Across Australia, local communities gather and celebrate contemporary Australian culture – especially commemorating the diversity of the people, culture, and landscape.

What's happening?

This year, the theme is "Celebrate Australia Day Your Way". Every major region in the country is encouraged to commemorate the national holiday in their own unique way. Locals can find out about what the line-up of events are in their region by visiting and simply indicate your postcode.

This year, Dreamscape Networks Limited's offices overseas held a week-long celebration with a line-up activities to celebrate Australia and Australian culture.

Good news!

Celebrating the day, we here at Crazy Domains have a number of promos exclusively for our Australian customers:

buy .COM.AU and get either .SYDNEY or .MELBOURNE for $5 for the first year,

enter the code AUSYD2017 for Sydney or AUMELB2017 for Melbourne at checkout.

We are also making it crazy easy to get your own website, with a 26% discount on our DIY website builder – just click here to get started.

Simply check out for a complete price list. For those of you interested in reaching out to Australian consumers, don't miss out on any of these promos.

Last but not the least…

To all Australians out there, all of us here at Crazy Domains would just like to wish all Australians a happy Australia Day!

Introducing Wordpress 4.7: get to know the new features

By Alex J | Friday, 20 January 2017

Since bursting onto the scene in 2003, Wordpress has become one of the most trusted content management systems. That's because it is one of the most user-friendly CMS available. In fact, you don't need to have programming background in order to navigate the dashboard.

Aside from the fact that it is easy to understand, Wordpress is also one of the most frequently updated. That's because the developers are trying their best to make it even easier for members to use. Recently, the renowned CMS released another update, Wordpress 4.7.

Without further ado, here are the new features you can expect from this update:

Video Headers Support

Video headers are all the rage with websites nowadays. This is especially useful for websites that rely on visual. 4.7 allows you to incorporate your own videos in MP4 format. If you don't have your own videos yet, you can also use YouTube or Vimeo videos simply by inputting the URL.

Edit shortcuts

When you are live previewing, there are buttons on the left side that allow you customize your site. Simply click on the shortcut to instantly view the changes you want made. This makes editing and reverting the site faster and easier.

Live Preview

Speaking of live previews, 4.7 also incorporates custom CSS, allowing members to see what any changes would look like. This is incredibly useful, as it means you don't have to keep on opening your website in a separate tab to view the changes.

REST API Content Endpoints

Wordpress is always striving to make their system more interactive for users. REST API is designed to make resource-oriented URLs and HTTP response codes more predictable. It also provides data on specific endpoints available in API. This makes integration of plugins, themes, and apps more interactive.

Developer-friendly enhancements

Not only is 4.7 easy to understand for new users, it is also easier for developers to use. Some of the improved features include post type templates, custom bulk actions, WP_Hook, settings registration API, and customised changesets.

Keyboard shortcuts

The post editor is where members upload and edit their site's content. For the 4.7 update, you can expect to see a few changes. One of the most useful is recognising keyboard shortcuts. Members can even learn all about them in tooltips and the drop down menus.

With these new and enhanced features, you will surely have a more interactive and dynamic experience using Wordpress. Get Wordpress FREE for your Web Hosting today here.

What should you look for in a hosting provider? Part 2.

By Alex J | Friday, 13 January 2017

Setting up a site can be hard, especially if it is your first one. Even if you know how to operate the CMS, there would still be instances where you’ll need help.

One of the benefits signing up for professional hosting is you can rely on customer support to resolve technical difficulties. This support can manifest in certain ways. The most common being answering commonly asked question through the FAQ pages and speaking with customer representatives to address concerns.

Ultimately, the goal of support is to solve customers’ problems – especially complicated ones. Support is actually one of the deal breakers for customers. No matter how comprehensive services are, if they don’t feel adequate assistance, there is a big chance that they would switch hosting providers.

How can you tell if support is reliable or not?

Mindful of customer’s needs

There are two things customers want from any company: First, they want to be satisfied. Second, they want to feel appreciated. One way for them to feel valued is when their needs are met without much effort. Whether they are simply asking regular questions or are experiencing technical difficulties, what matters is you feel like you got what you want or something even better.

Notify Downtime and Maintenance

It is natural for hosting providers to encounter problems with their servers or networks. When this happens, customers should be notified as soon as possible. Since there is no telling when servers would go down, customers usually get a notification when they log on to their CRMS. It would be more impressive when customers are informed when their sites have been fixed.

Swift Response Time

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting. One way to minimise the waiting period is to give them several communication options. Here in Crazy Domains, for example, our customers can get in touch with our agents through phone and through chat. There are even some companies that have text support. These different mediums allow customers to speak to representatives sooner and not wait long in a queue.

New products and services

People appreciate a one-stop shop. A hosting provider does not have to provide every hosting package imaginable, but there are those that have other online products and services. For example, here are Crazy Domains also have a domain registration service. This way customers could register their name and set up their site all in the same place.

In short…

Support is a really important factor in web hosting. With proper assistance from your hosting provider, you can have a much smoother experience setting and maintaining a website.

The perks of having an attractive website

By Alex J | Friday, 6 January 2017

In order to succeed in business these days, having an online presence is necessary. And what better way to establish that than through a website? But in order to attract visitors to your site, you need to make sure it’s eye-catching.

Having an attractive site may seem insignificant. You might think you can get away with a pretty basic look. However, Google has started penalising websites with poor design. This violation could affect your ranking, especially if Google removes your site from its index.

Aside from avoiding penalties, what could you gain from a well-designed website?

Helps visitors navigate around the site

Website navigation is important because it helps users figure out how to explore the site. However, this doesn’t just involve the placement of buttons and folders. This also involves the color scheme and readability. How do you expect users to get around your site if they can barely read the buttons and links? With proper design, it would be easier for users explore and possibly stay on the page longer.

Lends credibility to your brand

How many times have you left a page simply because it looks flimsy or gaudy? With a professional looking site, users would be more willing to not only stick around but even trust your brand. With a superficial looking site, it wouldn’t be a surprise for some to think your company is a fake or bogus simply because you did not put in enough effort with the design.

Leaves a good impression

Remember your site gives users an idea what your company is all about. If they leave not having understood your brand, then they might not even bother to remember at all. If the design is just right (along with effective messaging), then you might just convince potential consumers to give your products and services a shot. This may not seem like much, but considering the competition, this is enough of a good first impression to convince them for a second or even third visit.

All in all, a well-designed website is another step to engage with your desired audience. If you need help, we can help craft the overall look for your website (Click here for more details).

Enjoy your Christmas with $5* Australian Domains

By Alex J | Sunday, 25 December 2016

Great news! Now that the holidays are here, Dreamscape Networks' Crazy Domains is set to launch its 2016 Christmas Flash Sale. The promo is the company's latest special offer to customers over the holiday period to help streamline the online presence of their businesses.

World's cheapest Australian Domains!

For a domain registration. The domain will now be available for only $5 AUD per year, with a minimum registration of two years. All .au domains are included in the promo –,,,, and

The flash sale is the company's way of signing off of 2016 while welcoming a whole new year ahead, and will be valid from the 25th to the 31st of December with 4,000 registrations on offer.

Limited to 4,000 domains available!

The flash sale presents a unique opportunity to Australian businesses. They will have the chance to be seen and heard in the crowded online marketplace with a bespoke .au domain name of their own. It also allows companies to use their desired domain name, which at times would not be possible with a regular TLD.

Boost your Australian ranking

Using ccTLDs is recognized as one of the most effective local SEO strategies. That's because it is one of the most effective ways of notifying search engines and visitors where the site originates. It is also easier to rise up the ranks in the results page because there isn't much competition. If your company plans to target the Australian market, then this promo will definitely work in your favour.

The limited flash sale will be available at Crazy Domains within the promo period, while the number limit of registrations will apply on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Interested customers should head over to to know more about the promo and to take advantage.