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Fact Check now available in Google Search and News around the world

By Jorisse G | Friday, 28 April 2017
Every minute, 2.3 million searches occur on Google. That means there are over 100,000,000,000 Google searches every single month. And stil...

Fact Check now available in Google Search and News around the world

By Jorisse G | Friday, 28 April 2017

Every minute, 2.3 million searches occur on Google. That means there are over 100,000,000,000 Google searches every single month. And still, the demand for more high quality information continues. Businesses and contributors continue to invest time and effort to engage using Google search pages.

The availability of information also means that the amount of content people have access to can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many of these are designed to spread false or misleading data, either as clickbait or a more malicious type of misinformation. These are widely shared over social media and quickly go viral, making it hard for people to know the real facts.

Fortunately, Google has taken steps to invalidate unsupported information through Fact Check.

Verified news on search results

Google announced last October that they have partnered with Jigsaw to start allowing publishers to tag Google News stories with Fact Check. This was offered in a few countries, with the label indicating that the information in the article has been fact-checked by news publishers and other relevant organisations.

This means that when you conduct a search on Google, the results that will show are credible, with fact checks for one or more claims. The information will be clearly displayed on the results page. The snippet will provide facts on the claim, as well as the person who made the claim and the subsequent fact check of the specific claim.

Fact Check now available everywhere

The company evaluated feedback from users and publishers both, leading to their decision to make Fact Check available everywhere in Google News. This has been further expanded into Search in all languages globally.

However, this won't be available for each search result. Furthermore, different conclusions may be reached by different publishers who checked the same claim. These are presented so the user can make more informed rulings about the information.

Even with different conclusions, Google still thinks that the feature will help people understand the consensus on a specific claim. In addition, users will also get information on the things reliable sources agree on.

Google is working on making fact checks more visible on search results pages. The company believes this will help people to more easily review and evaluate the information they are presented with, leading them to make their own knowledgeable opinions.

With information overload and the spread of inaccurate news, Fact Check helps the Information Age get one step closer to a fake news-free web.

Dispelling the SEO Mythology

By Jorisse G | Friday, 21 April 2017

SEO is something that can make or break your site. With so many websites vying for customer attention online, many people turn to questionable tactics just to get better ranking.

This has resulted in many SEO horror stories, giving birth to myths that are widely circulated. These can be very misleading, especially for businesses still gauging where they belong in the SEO game.

So to help you get started, below are the top five myths on SEO, debunked.

SEO is a one-off thing

Too often businesses fall into the trap of thinking that SEO should be done once, and allowed to gather results on its own over time. The truth is, patience is something you need with SEO, especially because good results are not readily there. It's something you need to continue working on for a long time.

Maintaining SEO efforts is crucial because of link rot, evolution of search engine algorithms and updates, continuous competition, outdated content and the publishing of new pages, plus many more factors.

Keywords are no longer relevant

The Hummingbird update from Google essentially replaced keywords with topics and concepts, making keyword targeting unessential. In this day and age, keyword research has become less straightforward, but it is still a very important aspect of your strategy.

Updates have meant that keyword research has extended beyond manual activity, becoming more complex in nature. Google has not openly declared keywords to be unimportant now, but just remember that the search engine has evolved to become more understanding, taking into consideration relevant concepts and context in addition to search phrases.

Link building is dead

It's something that's been repeated lots of times. Google is against link building for SEO, as laid out in the search engine's Webmaster guidelines. In it, links that purportedly try to influence the ranking of a site in search results can be pinned down as part of a link scheme, which violates Google's Webmaster guidelines.

The idea is that sites should acquire natural growth over time, especially if rules for great content are followed. But in a world where everyone is doing link building, it's easy to get left behind.

Despite what Google says, links are still influential when it comes to rankings, the most important aspect of your SEO strategy. Aim for high quality links from reliable sources. Make sure that you check what kind of links work best in your industry. Do your research by looking at the link profiles of your big competitors.

SEO is built on tricks and clicks

There is good SEO, and then there is bad. Bad SEO consists of manipulative tactics or "tricks" that get sites penalised. Often, bad tactics, such as putting more keywords in title tags, are what managers think SEO should be. This leads to the thinking that SEO is all about tricks to get people to click more.

Real, quality SEO contributes to the organisation of content, making the browsing experience better. This includes content that is more visible for prospects and search engines as well as content that improve accessibility through user experience and site structure.

SEO is all about sharing fresh content with the right audience, improving exposure and getting more traffic for business.

"SEO is unnecessary for my business"

Some businesses may think that SEO is irrelevant when it comes to their industry, but when it comes to the web, if you want to be seen, SEO is what you need. With billions of web searches each month, you need to get found easily if you want to do more business over the internet.

Some markets may have minimal search usage, but just remember that the world has become even more connected than before, especially with the rise of mobile in the business world. Use market research to make sure you understand your industry and where you can start building your influence.

With these SEO myths debunked, you can start focusing on the right efforts to get seen online. Make sure to stay away from these misconceptions to avoid falling into the darker aspects of SEO.

Australian businesses – invest in your website and get a tax break!

By Jorisse G | Friday, 14 April 2017

Until June 2017, small businesses in Australia can enjoy immediate tax deduction when purchasing any individual asset costing less than $20,000. This has temporarily replaced the previous threshold of $1,000.

Time to take a break!

The price limit applies for each individual item and can be applied as many items as owners wish. All businesses that qualify under the definition of small business entities are eligible for the tax break. This means businesses with an aggregated turnover of less than $2 million.

The small business tax break is the perfect opportunity for startups to invest in their websites, especially when it comes to services that improve online presence.

Invest in your website – your key to online

Websites are the key to online influence, the virtual business card that customers will want to look at to find the services and products they need.

You need a powerful website with the right domain name, with professional, responsive design, fresh and relevant content, good navigability and user experience, top security, plus SEO for more visibility.

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.AU domains may finally be coming soon!

By Nicolo Nasol | Friday, 7 April 2017

Exciting changes to the Australian domain landscape, started back in 2015 are now taking form, with the long-awaited direct .AU web domain finally coming soon. Possibly.

Derek Whitehead, the Names Panel chair and adjunct professor of Swinburne University of Technology, stated convincing reasons for having direct registrations for Australian users, including that a direct .AU address "[creates] more options" and offers "a wide range of new choices for registrants"; and since it's simple and concise, it's more "appealing and memorable," it makes "the domain name system easier to use."

This will enable users to register a web address directly as .AU instead of .COM.AU or .NET.AU. Many people told auDa (the .au Domain Administration) that they wanted this to be an option. However, as with any change this will also have repercussions and has faced arguments, including that the change could it could potentially confuse the users. since it disrupts the hierarchy of Australian DNS, which is now responsible for more than 3 million users.

Announcing Their First Steps

After more than an entire year of reviews and deliberations, auDa's recommendation of introducing second-level registrations into .AU has now been accepted by the board. Following this acceptance, auDA has taken their first steps toward making this change a reality for this great southern land.

auDa's names panel's report considered not just their members' input spanning over ten months, but also feedback received during rounds of consulting the public opinion. For this consultations process, the names panel has encouraged individuals and a wide range of stakeholder groups to freely submit their comments.

The board also commissioned an "independent market research" that showed that 60% of the respondents are willing to register "yourname.AU" it if were available.

auDA's steps will have further "extensive public consultation," these include market research, both qualitative and quantitative, so as to follow on with the gathered feedbacks from the research. The qualitative interviews commenced on 14 February 2017. Stay tuned for more news as we have it, from Australia's leading domain name registrar.

How to protect yourself from ransomware

By Nicolo Nasol | Friday, 31 March 2017

More than half of the surveyed Australian businesses have suffered from ransomware incidents in the last financial year.

Within the first two months off 2016, over 200,000 Australians had fallen victim to these attacks, and the numbers soared to almost a staggering 700,000 in the two months that followed. Furthermore, these ransomware attacks doubled in the second half of 2016, from 5.5 to 10.5 percent.

Australia has become a prime target on earth for these attacks, suffering 1.42 percent of all attacks in the world, just a little behind Russia. The reason for this, according to Australian Communications and Media Authority research on malicious software, is that Australians "underrate the risks of malware."

One can almost say that there is a serious lack of vigilance within the Australian people, as nearly half of adults do not believe they will fall victim to such cyber crimes.

To put it succinctly, ransomware is a kind of malware that blocks the victim’s access to their own files. The attacker will then demand for a huge ransom in exchange for the decryption code for the blocked content; after the given time elapses, the files will be lost forever.

Even if you pay the ransom, that gives no assurance whether the culprit will keep up their end of the bargain. They may instead ask for a higher ransom, and the cycles goes on.

Ransom payments will also feed to their greed, not to mention encouraging them towards more cyber crimes.

Along with saying no to suspicious e-mails and content, here are two of the best ways on how you can defend yourself from ransomwares and other malwares:

Site Protection

The loading time of a page can be affected by the number of images, scripts and other elements that have to be downloaded. HTTP requests are sent for all of these aspects, which means that sites with more elements take longer load times.Current web design trends lean toward simplicity to make sites efficient and fast. Remember to keep your design straightforward and professional for the best impactCyber criminals lurk all over the Internet, waiting to strike at the slightest indication you have let guard down. Do not take your chances with your websites as they may have security holes in which the hackers can exploit.

Our Crazy Domains Site Protection identifies these security holes and safeguards your site tightly from these ransomwares, as well as preventing identify theft and phishing, etc.

We work on the highest levels of industry standards, so we assure you your safety on the web. Our security experts are within your reach 24/7.

Cloud Backup

Working in partner with Acronis, a global provider of cloud data backup solutions, Crazy Domains offers customers the best Cloud backup solution.

Our cloud backup features Military-grade encryption and real-time remote file access. With this, you can worry less over data loss and other malicious security threats. It has also unlimited backup in one account — save files from as many PCs and devices as you can.

The effects of malware can be devastating — the temporary or permanent loss of important data, disruption of operations, not to mention, the serious financial losses and tarnished reputation in business — something that should not be taken lightly. One should protect themselves at all times, and at all costs.

7 essential qualities of awesome web hosting for business

By Jorisse G | Friday, 24 March 2017

Getting your website out there seems easy, when there's tons of web hosting services to choose from. However, choosing the best is not always an easy task. It's common to get lost in the endless hype of promises of cheap hosting, and overlook the factors you should have be looking at.

To help you move forward, here are some important points to consider if you want to find the best service for your business.

Space: the ultimate frontier

Web space is one of the easy aspects to look closely at with hosting, since it comes cheaply. This is why you should make sure to get as much of it as you can. Make sure that the space that comes with your hosting is more than enough for what you intend for your website to do, enough to grow, and what you plan to offer to your audience.

Reputation is everything

Before jumping into bed with a provider and purchasing a hosting plan, make sure that you know the company's reputation. This is where genuine consumer reviews come in. Take into account the longevity of the brand in the industry, as well as the guarantees for reliability that they include.

Need for speed

Everything moves fast in this day and age. This is why hosting speed is one of the key factors you should look at.

The speed of the service can be affected by the servers the company uses, as well as the number of customers they host on each server. Check the speed by visiting the company's website or blog. You can also make use of a speed testing site for more relevant details.

Availability of support

Customers look for instantly available support when they need it. For your hosting, make sure to choose a provider that can be reached 24/7 in various ways. This can include chat, phone, email and social media. This will help you reach out to them whenever you have an issue, concern or emergency and need technical expertise.

Features and perks

A good hosting provider will have many different features thrown in to help your business. These can include an easy-to-use control panel – whether cPanel or Plesk, supported language, sub-domains, database, and hosting on Unix or Windows.

You should also check whether the provider puts limitations on the quantity of email boxes allowed as well as other email features they have. Full management and control is something you should go for.

Location, location, location (also: security and hardware)

Location is important if you want hosting that is fast. Hosting services located in your country or region can provide faster and more reliable web hosting. Check what security features and what type of hardware the provider uses as well.

Know more what type of security the company offers and see if the hardware they use include the latest technology, as this will help you get top of the line service.

Pricing and plans

With web hosting, you get what you pay for. The less you spend, the less perks you enjoy. There are many affordable options to choose from, so you need to find the service that fits with your budget.

Make sure that the provider doesn't give you a low price when you purchase, then charge you more with every feature that you want to include. Look for a plan that has everything you need and start with that.

As with many things, not all web hosting services are created equal. These guiding indicators will help you narrow down your choices. Choose the best Web Hosting service out there with more perks and start doing just awesome online.

The best business performance Web Hosting is now 20% off!

By Jorisse G | Friday, 17 March 2017

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Get the highest industry standard SSL certification with 20% off!

By Jorisse G | Friday, 10 March 2017

These days, many websites are vulnerable to web attacks, and customers are becoming more careful with the sites they purchase products or services from. Trust seals are expected, as a way of reassuring shoppers that their information will be protected.

To do this, businesses need to get SSL certified.

Improve your ranking!

An SSL certificate lets you get improved search rankings, making your website secure and protecting customers from malicious attacks and security threats.

If you need any more convincing, Google indexes websites that don't have the certification, resulting in low rank and credibility. Don't get left behind!

Increase trust!

70% of online shoppers cancel their transactions because they do not trust the website. Furthermore, having an official security logo in your site increases its trustworthiness by up to 75% for customers. At Crazy Domains, you can add credibility to your business with the highest levels of industry standard security, enabling you to protect customer information and facilitate safe and secure transactions.

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Get 10% discount on any eShop package!

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Keep your site more secure – get 5% discount on Site Protection!

By Jorisse G | Friday, 24 February 2017

Security is a primary concern these days. More threats are lurking on the web, watching for any vulnerability and ready to attack when you're at your weakest.

According to the recent Cyber Security Survey 2016 conducted by BDO and AusCERT*, 57.4 percent of the surveyed Australian and New Zealand businesses were impacted by ransomware, phishing, and malware incidents in the last financial year.

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