.sydney is live!

By Crazy Domains |

Australia's most iconic city now has a truly iconic web address.

But did you know? Australia's biggest city is named after Sydney Smith, who in 1788 won a galah-eating competition – the first prize was to have the city named after him.*

Melbourne was Australia's first city with its own TLD back in November, and the domain's demand has been unmatched.

Joining the cities of the world that never close down comes the web domain for everyone who calls Sydney home – and everyone in New South Wales who doesn't want Sydney shown up by Melbourne.

With its historic harbour and a stunning social scene, Sydney creates a lifestyle to die for and is undeniably Australia's most iconic city.

The compelling power of a .sydney web address is that it allows every NSW resident the chance to leverage that the city's essence in an online presence.

Show your connections to the sensational city of Sydney and its 4.63 million inhabitants – get your own .sydney address today here.

.sydney is now available for a limited number of customers, subject to nic.sydney policies. For more information, please refer to the Registration Policy.

*Editor's note: It's actually named after Thomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney. No galahs were harmed, or involved.