Weekipedia: more domains, more ideas

By James C |

We've been busier than a a dingo scratching fleas this week, with a whole raft of new web domains launching for your delight. These will be available to register very soon - so without any further delay, let's check out what's on the list!


it's not just another name for lawyers, either

the world of auctions was changed forever when eBay took them out of the dusty room and onto the bright light of the internet. Got an auction site? Get one of these.


the internet has made it at once easier and harder for new bands to get noticed. A dedicated .band web address should be part of your strategy - whether you're in the band, with the band, or just representing the band.


with traditional universities reeling from funding cuts, fee deregulation and being outflanked by online learning institutions there’s never been a better time to get a dedicated home online for learning establishments.

lie back, open wide and say "aaaah" - there's no need to be scared, this is for dental practices, nurses and dentists


because engineers work in a range of specialised fields and come in all shapes, and sizes there's a domain for the chemical, electrical, mechatronic, software or civil engineer


got something to sell? Whether you're cutting out the middle man and ditching the real estate agent to sell your own house, or just have items for sale, you can't express it any better than this


did you know that more people search for “how” than for who, what, where, when, or why? If you tell people how stuff works, give how-to tutorials or just wonder "how" yourself, there is no "how" about getting found.


when it comes to getting specific with a generic TLD, trade-focused domains are a great choice. Make a name for your law practice with this one.


just as Rose St artist's market and Eveleigh farmer's markets are the heart of their communities, this is the new heart of the community online – for retailers and customers

the simple home for lenders, advisers and customers of mortgage loans


don't say "no, no, no" - if you're a therapist, counsellor, or a licensed medical professional, you can redirect your rehab site to your new .REHAB domain

is not just limited to the USA's republican party, but for everyone considering themselves a supporter of republics. More than half of the world's nations call themselves a republic!

you don't need to be in the funeral business for the domain that means "Rest in Peace" -- it's also there for memorials to lost family and loved ones, or tributes to celebrities


from applications and apps, laptop to mobile, software is everywhere - and for everyone, just like this new domain

is not a dedicated web address for fans of soybeans, but instead the bilingual offering that means "I" or "I am" in Spanish.

it's not the domain for SpaceX, NASA or Virgin Galactic, but instead a new generic web address for you to find a dedicated space of your own onbline


you know where you rank, and you know that you're a leader -- so there's no question that you should be at the top.


not short for "veteran" but instead veterinarian. Caring for animals great and small!

And to think we ever thought that .COM was enough for a personalised website! All of these and many, many more are available to register - and there's even more to come next week!