Weekipedia: more domains, more ideas and updates

By James C |

After what feels like a quiet period in the world of new domain names, we are going to be seeing more new growth and more hot new names in the near future. There's a few new Top-Level Domains open and available for you to register, so take a look with me at what's new in this week's Crazy Domains "Weekipedia".



Making news this week are two domains for a very specific industry, .ADULT and .PORN.

The domain matching period has begun for .XXX customers - if you have an existing .XXX website, you have until June 4 to register it with a new domains for the adult entertainment industry.

From the beginning of June, these hot names are General Availability - and that means free for everyone to register. Got a great website? Protect your business name from competitors and rivals.



One of the hottest new domains that I wager you'll be hearing more about is .DESIGN.

Every once in a while a new web address comes along that is targeted, and yet seems like it will across a number of different markets. The word "design" is as applicable to graphic design as it is to web design, interior design or landscape design.

It's also good timing that the good people behind .DESIGN have brought us this new TLD during Melbourne Design Week. With one and two-character domains available immediately with design, you can find your ideal design right away.



Also new is the most floral of new domain names: .FLOWERS. For florists, flower sellers, and for every occasion where you say it with flowers, there's a sweet-smelling new web address waiting for you. Better yet: all through May, you can say 50% on your new .FLOWERS domain, so there's no reason not to get a whole bouquet of new names.

Aside from domain names and elsewhere on the internet this week, HTTP/2 was officially released, Mozilla released Firefox 38, Windows shared details on the Windows 10 editions (but no release date) and Wordpress released 4.2.2: a critical security release.

Join us again for another "Weekipedia" update soon, and if you're looking for more to read, check out the archives!