Weekipedia: more domains, more ideas and updates

By James C |

There's a whole pile of new domain names open and available for you to register this week, with some fresh and seasonal sporting names standing out, so take a look with me at what's new in this week's Crazy Domains "Weekipedia".


Bingo websites have become big business since online betting and gambling took off a few years ago - and .bingo also makes an ideal subdomain for your betting site. Get a full house with your own here


Casinos are big business - whether you're the hottest place in town or running the biggest betting site, show your customers that you are cutting edge and up to date with the latest technologies and win big with your own .casino domain.

People like to talk - but even more than that, they love to chat. From internet chat rooms to chat apps, and from ICQ to Snapchat, with your own .chat web address you will really set tongues wagging. Be the talk of the town with your new .chat web address here.


Online dating sites and apps have made it easier than ever to find true love - or a date for this Friday night - without leaving the comfort of your couch. If you want to set your website apart from your competitors, a .date domain is your perfect match.


Faiths of every denomination can have a web address to call home. Whether you want a personal website for your beliefs or a professional page for your place of worship or you can keep the .faith with your web address.

Many football fans will agree that the sport isn't just a game but a whole way of life. What football fans can't agree on, however, is exactly what game they are talking about - but whatever sport you call football, you can get a web address to cheer for with a new .football domain name.


All that glitters is not gold - and that applies to getting the most valuable web address. If gold and jewellery are your trade, .gold is a sound investment for your website.

Mark Twain once called golf "a good walk spoiled" - no matter if you're a small local golf club or an international competition, don't spoil your web address with a generic domain nobody can remember. Finish under par instead with a .golf name.


If you write reviews, you don't need to be published in a newspaper or magazine: the internet gives a voice to anyone with a connection to the web. Want to get your film, theatre, game or book reviews found online? The new .review domain will get 5 stars from you.


Be cool: stay in school. If your school is cool enough to have its own website, it goes without saying that it shouldn't be stuck in the last decade with generic domains, Latin textbooks and computers that take floppy disks. Get educated with the .SCHOOL domain, and to to the head of the class.

Looking stylish is very important: and a great-looking website is no exception. But what's better than a website that looks good? A website that can be found easily. If you're a stylist, fashion blogger, or just committed to the latest styles, a new .style will put you on the best-dressed lists, and help potential visitors find you.


It's that time of year when everyone's eye is on the ball, and one of the world's most well known sporting efforts. While the major players battle it out at Wimbledon, are you wondering how the website for your tennis lessons, club or sporting goods store? Smash it with a .tennis domain - and your visitors will never again have to struggle with a had-to-remember web address.

Join us again for another "Weekipedia" update soon, and if you're looking for more to read, check out the archives!