Weekipedia: more domains, more ideas and updates

By James C |

There's stacks of hot domains to tell you about that are open and available for you to register, so let's waste no time with preambles and introductions and instead take a look at what's new in this week's Crazy Domains "Weekipedia".



Making waves this week is a domains for a very specific region, .BZH. The language, culture and people of the Breton community has a home of its own online.

Brittany and the Breton region is distinctly individual, with a rich culture of food, tourism and IT - and the domain gives Bretons worldwide a sense of community online, putting them on the same page as .NYC, .LONDON and .PARIS.



Social drinkers of the internet already have a place to call their own with the existing addresses .BAR and .PUB, but now you can relax with a skinny latte and your own .CAFE domain.

The value of branding your cafe's website with an address like paris.cafe or bondi.cafe can't be overstated - think how your cafe's business could benefit with a unique domain.


Bargain hunters of the internet won't have to look hard to find your deals with a .COUPONS web address.

Need a sub-domain for your website's special offers, or run a website dedicated to the best discounts online? Coupons is one of the most searched-for terms online when it comes to customers looking for a bargain. You can save time and money with a .COUPONS domain.


Education isn't about chalk boards and ink pens any more. With .COURSES, students everywhere can easily identify you as a modern educational provider that's not like all the others.

Showcase your courses and opportunities today. .COURSES is your chance to corner the education market.



A new release that's bound to set tails wagging is man's best friend for a website, .DOG. ROFL dogs might not rival LOL cats online, but there's something unmistakably happy about a web address for our canine companions. Or their owners.

From dog shows to funny dog videos and blogs "written" by dogs (there's more of these than you might expect), .DOG will come when you call it and fetch your website the traffic it deserves.



Want to tell the world about your fast service, and do it quickly?

What better, or faster, way to do it than with a new .EXPRESS domain? Nothing says speedy service, fast delivery, quick checkout in as few words as just this one. Show the world your express service options by being quick off the block and grabbing your .EXPRESS address before someone else does.



From field hockey to ice hockey and every variation in between, there are few games quite as versatile as .HOCKEY. What web address could be a better match for your team?

If you're a hockey fan, player, coach or team you can get in the game with a great deal on your .HOCKEY address before someone else does.



Make or sell shiny things? The new .JEWELRY web address is a valuable destination for your jewelry creations. Sell expensive jewels, or bespoke pieces? .JEWELRY has you covered for that, too.

Be part of the worldwide .JEWELRY community with a jewel of a new domain.



Got a website that makes people Laugh Out Loud? The funniest places online end in .LOL

Whether you run a comedy club, perform stand up, write jokes, or host funny cat videos. Anyone who enjoys a laugh can see the funny side with a new .LOL web domain.


Do you have a website for what you really love? Share your passions with your own .LOVE domain today.

Your passion is important and deserves to be seen by the world. Whether you love a person, a sports team, or just have universal compassion, show a little love to the internet with a .LOVE web address.


This is the future of Luxury. .LUXURY is the domain with a mission is to provide a dedicated digital platform for all things luxurious.

Designed to meet the distinct needs of the luxury industry, .LUXURY offers product manufacturers, service providers, retailers and consumers a central place online to engage, transact and celebrate never before available in the luxury market.



The growth of the men’s interests online has brought with it a huge amount of content - but it can be a challenge to find what you are looking for.

The .MEN web address is a space for men worldwide to follow their interests. Aiming to provide a dedicated and focused domain for everything from male grooming to health and fitness, you can show the world you're a real man's man with a new .MEN domain.


Motion pictures now have a blockbuster web address.

.MOVIE is the domain for movie makers and film lovers. No longer do a budding Sophia Coppola or Martin Scorcese need to make do with a .com domain, .MOVIE tells audiences and visitors that your website is the official home of your movie.



Want to show the world you are number one? .ONE is a new generic new domain that is both simple and easy to understand.

Whether you are the first, the best or the one and only, there is a .ONE that is just as unique as you are. Applicable to many topics and industries, .ONE is the number one domain for anyone wanting to show their individuality!



Joining Sydney, Tokyo and NYC with its own domain, .PARIS is the essential address for the city of light.

As the most affordable address in the city of Paris, hundreds of websites and even the Eiffel Tower are already using a .PARIS web address. If you're a proud Parisian, shouldn't you have one, too?



The beautiful game has a beautiful and simple web address for soccer fans around the world.

Avoid the international confusions with the word "football" (even if this sport is the only one that should be truly called football) by branding your website with a kicky new .SOCCER. Get in the game with the name for the sport you love.



Are you a team player? If you have a website for a team you love, there is a .TEAM domain for you.

Teams come in all styles, shapes and sizes, whether you're on the winning team, a customer support team, or the A-Team, you can make it official with a .TEAM, the most collaborative of new web addresses.


Theatres, whether they are movie theatres or more "traditional" theatres, are often the focal points of our communities - places where we can come together in each other's company for a shared experience.

A new .THEATER domain does more than bring people together, it brings together online everyone that is connected to theatres - from the theatres themselves, to actors, directors and fans. Make a show of it with your .THEATER web address.

In other places on the internet this week, Apple's ios9 introduced a content blocker mechanism into its Safari browser, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm formally declared we are not in a tech bubble, and Samsung have announced its first Gear virtual reality headset that will be compatible with the S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and the Note 5.

Join us again for another "Weekipedia" update soon, and if you're looking for more to read, check out the archives!