Save more than $500 with our very best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

By James C |

It's surprising how international the shopping "events" Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become, isn't it? In recent years, the US tradition of a pre-Christmas sale right after their Thanksgiving holiday has gone global, thanks to the internet.

Even though "Cyber Monday" was conceived as the online equivalent of "Black Friday", the two have both become bywords for getting the best deals in flash sales.

Many people are almost disappointed if their favourite retailers aren't offering sales for these special shopping occasions.

We'd hate to see anyone sad or feeling left out, so here's a whirlwind tour of some of the best offers we have for you as we head into December.

Save $500 Building Your Online Empire

For one week only we are practically giving away our Ultimate Empire website package for the price of Business Builder. Get a name, get hosting, get a site and get found.

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Rockstar or a Ninja? We've got you covered. Get .rocks and .ninja from $6.95 each

Unleash your wild side with a .rocks domain or wield your inner warrior with a .rocks domain name for your website. Both can be used to tell the world you are the best at what you do, and don't mind who knows it. Do you want to be the best? Snap up .rocks and .ninja now, before someone gets your ideal name.

Be part of generation .XYZ. Get a yours from 99c each

Already one of the most popular new domain names in the world, and a challenger to the traditional names of the old internet, .XYZ has surged in popularity since being featured in HBO's Silicon Valley, and it's the domain of choice for Google's parent company Alphabet, be part of it from just 99c.

Need a technical name for your website? Look no further: deals on .website .tech .online .space from $2.98

Got a brilliant start up? We've got an equally brilliant name for you! .online was the biggest new domain launch of this year, or you can paint your online identity on the blank canvas of .space, show your .tech credentials with the domain of the same name, or keep it simple with .website. All weekend you can get .website and .space from $2.98, and .online or .tech from $4.98.

Got an international business? it's time to go .global with a huge 50% off

If you have offices and customers all over the globe, multiple sites in various countries, and an international reputation, you need to get the name that says it all: global. With a massive 50% off for this weekend only, there's never been a better time to get that global name for your website.

We've hundreds more special offers throughout our site, so what are you waiting for? Head over to Crazy Domains and grab a limited time bargain!

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