5 ways having your own email address pays for itself

By Anand Dibble |

Why you need a personalised email address

Email is one of the things that everybody expects to be free. With the great number of free email platforms, a lot of people wonder why on earth they should spend money to create their own email address – beyond the vanity of having their own name behind the dot, of course.

There are five main reasons why a branded email address that uses your domain name is absolutely essential. Let’s take a look at them.


Branding your communications

With an email address that includes your domain, every message you send turns into a link to your site. It gives your site more exposure and reminds people who you are and, by extension, what you do.

Every time someone sees an email from yourname@gmail.com, they might be reminded of who you are. If they see one from yourname@stuffyourlovedones.com.au, then they’ll remember what and where your business is. Sending emails from a free email account advertises the service you’re using. Sending it from your domain advertises your site.


Create trust

If the people who receive your emails see that they were sent from a free email address, that makes it looks like you’re not taking things seriously. It seems as though you haven’t even invested the small amount of time and money that it takes to create a professional email address.

This even exists on the level of spam-blocking technology. Which brings us to our next point:


Increase delivery and open rates

If you try to send mass emails from a free account, you’ll immediately see the difference. Emails from free accounts are more likely to be flagged as spam – understandably, as spammers are less likely to spend money on creating emails addresses that end up getting banned or shut down.

Your emails bounce back more and fail to be delivered – if you’re even allowed to send them.

In fact, Gmail had so many problems with this that they banned mass mailings from their account, limiting you to 500 per day. Mass mailings from standard free addresses are simply not possible.


No ads or data mining

A lot of free email services pay for themselves by including ads. There’s nothing wrong with this in principle, but a lot of people dislike the fact that the content of their emails are often mined for data that are used to target ads to them.

Remember – if it’s free to you and it costs money to someone, then you’re not the customer, you’re the product. Now, nobody’s saying that Google or Yahoo are interested in stealing the recipe for biscuits that your bakery is working on. However, many business owners don’t like the idea that their private communications are being algorithmically analysed for keywords that are used to target ads at you.

The fact is that free services are all monetised. It’s just that you’re not their customer. Their customer is the person who buys ads to show you. Naturally these free services will do what they need to in order to keep their customers happy.


It’s included with your website

Crazy Domains include email for free with web hosting accounts. Since our hosting starts at only a couple of dollars a month and the setup takes just minutes, the outlay of time and money is incredibly low. The benefits include more reliability, exposure for your site and control over the service.

If you’re not using a professional email address, you’re probably throwing money away.

We talked about how easy it to set up your own email on this blog before. Check it out if you want to make sure.