Using LinkedIn to promote your business

By Unknown |

Social media has turned into a viable marketing medium. One of the most reliable social networks around is LinkedIn because it allows companies, entrepreneurs, employees and job seekers to connect with one another. Through the years, people found more uses for the site and that includes marketing.

There are several reasons you should look into marketing your new business on LinkedIn, namely:

You could easily find companies and professionals within the same industry.

Creating an account also makes it easier for consumers to find you and get in touch.

Having a LinkedIn profile lends more credibility to your online presence.

Based on these figures, there is no doubt that there is a market in LinkedIn you can tap into. The question is how.

Step One: Create an engaging profile.

Before you decide what posts or content you want to share, you must first set the tone for your profile based on the nature of your business. This goes beyond coming up with a description for your company and profile picture. Make sure to include links to your website and share the portfolio of your company in your profile but not in an intrusive way.

Basically, your profile should dictate the identity of your company. And from there, any additional content you share should reveal more about your business.

Step Two: Connect with relevant members.

Like any social media network, one of the benefits of LinkedIn is it allows you to reach out to users (companies and professionals alike) in a similar industry. The site can also help you find and eventually connect with pioneers. This could be the crucial stepping stone in establishing your brand within the industry.

The connections you make would also hopefully attract the attention of other like-minded users. And the more users follow you, the more you could gain prominence in the network.

Step Three: Post relevant content.

This is an important step because it could boost your brand's authenticity and authority. Don't just limit your posts to updates. You could also share with followers some industry norms, trends, guidelines, and other relevant information.

To make your content more engaging, come up with different ways of presenting them. For instance, instead of just sharing articles, you could also post infographics and even videos. The medium could depend on the scope of the subject matter.

With these steps in mind, you can be on your way to boosting your brand in LinkedIn.