The perks of having an attractive website

By Unknown |

In order to succeed in business these days, having an online presence is necessary. And what better way to establish that than through a website? But in order to attract visitors to your site, you need to make sure it’s eye-catching.

Having an attractive site may seem insignificant. You might think you can get away with a pretty basic look. However, Google has started penalising websites with poor design. This violation could affect your ranking, especially if Google removes your site from its index.

Aside from avoiding penalties, what could you gain from a well-designed website?

Helps visitors navigate around the site

Website navigation is important because it helps users figure out how to explore the site. However, this doesn’t just involve the placement of buttons and folders. This also involves the color scheme and readability. How do you expect users to get around your site if they can barely read the buttons and links? With proper design, it would be easier for users explore and possibly stay on the page longer.

Lends credibility to your brand

How many times have you left a page simply because it looks flimsy or gaudy? With a professional looking site, users would be more willing to not only stick around but even trust your brand. With a superficial looking site, it wouldn’t be a surprise for some to think your company is a fake or bogus simply because you did not put in enough effort with the design.

Leaves a good impression

Remember your site gives users an idea what your company is all about. If they leave not having understood your brand, then they might not even bother to remember at all. If the design is just right (along with effective messaging), then you might just convince potential consumers to give your products and services a shot. This may not seem like much, but considering the competition, this is enough of a good first impression to convince them for a second or even third visit.

All in all, a well-designed website is another step to engage with your desired audience. If you need help, we can help craft the overall look for your website (Click here for more details).