What should you look for in a hosting provider? Part 2.

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Setting up a site can be hard, especially if it is your first one. Even if you know how to operate the CMS, there would still be instances where you’ll need help.

One of the benefits signing up for professional hosting is you can rely on customer support to resolve technical difficulties. This support can manifest in certain ways. The most common being answering commonly asked question through the FAQ pages and speaking with customer representatives to address concerns.

Ultimately, the goal of support is to solve customers’ problems – especially complicated ones. Support is actually one of the deal breakers for customers. No matter how comprehensive services are, if they don’t feel adequate assistance, there is a big chance that they would switch hosting providers.

How can you tell if support is reliable or not?

Mindful of customer’s needs

There are two things customers want from any company: First, they want to be satisfied. Second, they want to feel appreciated. One way for them to feel valued is when their needs are met without much effort. Whether they are simply asking regular questions or are experiencing technical difficulties, what matters is you feel like you got what you want or something even better.

Notify Downtime and Maintenance

It is natural for hosting providers to encounter problems with their servers or networks. When this happens, customers should be notified as soon as possible. Since there is no telling when servers would go down, customers usually get a notification when they log on to their CRMS. It would be more impressive when customers are informed when their sites have been fixed.

Swift Response Time

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting. One way to minimise the waiting period is to give them several communication options. Here in Crazy Domains, for example, our customers can get in touch with our agents through phone and through chat. There are even some companies that have text support. These different mediums allow customers to speak to representatives sooner and not wait long in a queue.

New products and services

People appreciate a one-stop shop. A hosting provider does not have to provide every hosting package imaginable, but there are those that have other online products and services. For example, here are Crazy Domains also have a domain registration service. This way customers could register their name and set up their site all in the same place.

In short…

Support is a really important factor in web hosting. With proper assistance from your hosting provider, you can have a much smoother experience setting and maintaining a website.