Hassle-free Business Registration starts at Crazy Domains

By Jorisse G |

Crazy Domains is offering a new unique and invaluable service for small businesses in Australia. Introducing Business Registration: a service designed to provide a hassle-free registration process for SMB.

The Benefits of .AU registration

The popularity of .AU in the Australian business community is unparalleled. But the lack of an ABN can hinder some customers when it comes to getting their website online.

The governing body for .AU, auDA, requires COM.AU and .NET.AU domain customers to be an Australian registered businesses. An Australian Business Number or Australian Company Number are just two of the easiest ways to attain eligibility for the domain.

The Business Registration service includes registration of ABN/ACN, Business Name and GST. This would be especially useful for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence with a dedicated .COM.AU or .NET.AU web address.

With Business Registration at Crazy Domains, customers have a one-stop option to quickly set themselves up online.

Crazy easy setup with Business Registration

Business Registration will initially be available to customers within the domain registration process. The service will furthermore be offered as a separate product for customers looking to establish their own business online, fast.

Customers can also enjoy VIP Express Processing option, which enables urgent fast tracking of business registration.

Mark Evans, CEO of Dreamscape Networks, said:

Imagine you're registering your domain name, email & web hosting – then realise you can't secure your preferred web address with a .AU domain, because you don't have an ABN yet. Business Registration makes it easy and painless to get everything a business needs to set themselves up online.
Instead of customers having to go away to register their ABN somewhere else, they can do it with us, because Crazy Domains' dedicated business registration team will take care of the registration. Once complete the customer can easily get the web domain of their choice.

Business Registration makes it Crazy easy and painless for customers to set themselves up online. This means they won't have to go somewhere else to register their ABN. Everything can just be done at Crazy Domains.

The dedicated registration team will be on hand to take care of the setup process. Plus, support is available 24/7, aimed at best-in-world service.

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