Does your website need an insurance policy?

By James C |

The truth is, it is almost frighteningly easy to lose a website.

If you aren't confident in what you are doing, you could delete a critical file by mistake and not be able to use your website.

Have you thought about security? An Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec found that nearly 50% of cyber-attacks targeted Australian small businesses, but less than 40% of SMB consider hacking to be a major concern. If your website was hacked, could it be recovered?

It doesn't even have to be a malicious attack, a virus accidentally picked up could infect your site and take you offline. Downtime can very costly.

Hopefully, you're appreciating how quickly your site could be affected. If you are a small or medium-sized business, could you afford to be offline for a day? Or even for a few hours? Very few can.

Help is at hand. Crazy Domains have partnered with industry leaders Dropsuite to bring Site Backup to our customers. The best part is that this can be applied to not only as an add‐on to your exisiting website hosting, but it is also available to new customers.

SMB are often the hardest impacted by website data loss, so the site backup solution is designed as a electronic insurance policy for your website, doggedly guarding against what can be very costly downtime or loss of data.

We have all experienced losing work that hasn't been saved or backed up. Think about times when you are hit with a blue screen of death just as you are finishing an important report, or a power failure brings an early end to the big presentation you needed for the next day.

Losing your website can be a disaster

By using Site Backup, the automation of updates means you don't have to remember to back up your website manually. It works like an insurance policy.

If anything goes wrong with your website, like a cyber attack or a virus infection, you know that you're covered, with the team at Crazy Domains are on hand 24/7 to help you out.

There's no need to lose sleep worrying about what could happen, you can instead get back to doing what you are good at, and focus on growing your business.

Site Backup is aimed at users with little or no IT knowledge, who often lack a dedicated IT department or technical staff, and yet rely on continued profitability and uninterrupted revenue.

Website Encryption

All files are encrypted with Military Grade AES 256 bit encryption — ensuring data is safe and secure according to the highest professional standards. The Cloud backup product is able for websites built with Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, TYPO3, Drupal, MODX and other website assembly platforms.

In addition, the product is able to backup databases types, including MySQL (with or without SSH over tunnel), MS‐SQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.