The importance of customer experience

By Jorisse G |

Exceeding customer expectations and meeting their needs for convenience is a key to customer satisfaction, loyalty and business growth. A solid strategy for customer interactions is called customer experience, or CX.

These days, customers hold the freedom of choosing between competing businesses for products and services. For companies, a positive customer experience is crucial to stand out and encourage more conversions.

A recent study found that 89% of customers stop shopping at online stores after a poor customer service experience. With this in mind, here is the top reasons to focus on customer experience for your business.

Customer experience and customer satisfaction

The dedication you put into CX will improve customer satisfaction. To do this, focus on both the small interactions with customers, and also on the bigger picture as well. When you focus on the larger aspect, you apply consistency across the whole experience.

Think on what you want to deliver and align your whole customer experience. With this in mind, you'll be able to make sure that you provide a positive experience across your customer service, tech support, sales, or accounts.

Customer loyalty

The highly competitive business world offers many different options that consumers face every day. To set yourself apart from competitors, business owners should provide an excellent customer experience. Customers will then want to stay with that particular brand.

Good customer experience is unique for customers, something that they may not get from another company. When a customer recognises that quality, loyalty is established. And loyalty is built out of customer experiences that go beyond what consumers expect.

Avoid customer churn

The dreaded customer churn is when a customer ends their relationship with a company. Surprisingly, customer churn is not caused by pricing, but is mostly a result of poor customer service.

By focusing on customer experience, you'll be able to identify areas in your business where there may be poor customer service. You can then work on a strong, consistent approach and make sure that you don't go below the standards you've set.

More referrals

Happy customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, as well as across social media and online forums. These referrals are very valuable for business, as referred customers have higher potential for retention.

Improved revenue and sales

Satisfied customers are more likely to spend more with the services or products that you offer. They are reassured with the business and more comfortable with their wallets. This is definitely one big aspect that you should never overlook.

Customer experience is here to stay, a big factor that businesses focus on. Embrace customer experience and engage with your audience, creating experiences that go beyond expectations. You will then begin to see growth as you build stronger customer relationships that last.