7 more things you can do to improve your online presence

By Jorisse G | Friday, 27 October 2017

Some businesses think that launching a website and creating social media profiles are enough for a good online presence. While these things are essential in getting online, it has to be more than that.

Here we'll explore more of the things you can do to improve your online presence and get stronger results.


Constantly work on your website

Your website is an important aspect of your online presence. It's your business card in the online world. Keep it simple and professional-looking, with all the information your customers need, such as your 'About' page, your contact information, reviews, and products or services offered.

Constant work means you need to keep your content fresh and updated. This is especially relevant as fresh, quality content gives your search ranking a boost. Make sure it's optimised for mobile use, has quick loading times, and has easy click-to-call buttons.


Get buzzing on the right social channels

While being on social media is essential for business, it doesn't mean you have to be on all the big platforms. The best way to build a social presence that matters is to focus on just one or two channels. This is how you can make sure you can effectively grow and manage your social profiles.

The top platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook is best for sharing stories, while LinkedIn offers networking opportunities, and Twitter is excellent at starting conversations.

Spend time curating content that customers will be interested in, and reserve only 20% to push your own content. Use a social media management tool to schedule your posts ahead of time. Don't forget to get your business listed so that customers can find you when they search locally.


Go beyond blog posting

A blog helps you build the voice of your brand in one place, using useful content that people can share. But don't be limited to blog posts. Explore more forms of content to entertain and inform your customers. Good examples include infographics, case studies, eBooks, videos, and podcasts.


Think about guest posting

Just as you shouldn't limit yourself to blog posts, you can also go way beyond your blog and take your content elsewhere through guest posting. Big authority websites can offer a lot for you in the way of traffic. Make sure your guest blogging is done for your brand building and not for pure promotion and linking.


Elevate your email marketing

Email marketing isn't just about sending a message blast to promote sales and offers. To make sure that you're getting your customers' attention, keep your messages focused, and send your emails at the right time.

Test for the best time to send your emails to make sure you get the most click-through rates. Sending outside the usual morning hours has been found to produce more results.

To keep your emails interesting, craft 'thank you' messages and reward your customers with more perks to remind them of what you have to offer.


Offer premium products

When customers are given too many product options, they can get indecisive. To help them with their decision-making, offer them your selection of the best options. Include what they'll get with each offer, and how it will suit their needs. This way, they can reach a decision more easily.


Be patient with SEO

In the business world, you are compelled to move fast at all times to keep up. However, to create an SEO strategy that works, you need to be patient. Building a strategy that produces the best results can take some time. It would involve testing and changing your approach, and constantly monitoring your results.

The payoff will be worth it, given the click-through rates offered by the top positions on search results. To get a good start, use a tool that lets you improve your visibility online without needing any technical knowledge.

Now that you know what more you can do to improve your online presence, it's time to get moving.