Prepare your website for Black Friday traffic

By Nicolo Nasol | Monday, 20 November 2017

The killer shopping season starts soon, welcoming the beginning of Christmastime. Shoppers around the world are looking forward to browsing for those items they've waiting the whole year to be finally on sale.

Online retailers are expected to receive massive loads of traffic and simultaneous requests from splurging shoppers. These can potentially crash your site or make your pages load slowly.

Nothing displeases a customer more than a website crashing while they are browsing. They'd be happy to go to another website, and are unlikely to revisit you. Their experience with your website may have made an awful impression. They may even think that your website is unsafe.

Your customers have nothing to lose, but you do. All your preparations will be in vain if your website is down when it's needed the most.

At this time of year, you must be certain you can deliver your customers your best service. Make sure your website is up for the challenge of handing a great surge of traffic. Consulting with your web hosting provider is necessary.

Your web host should be able to keep your site up and running, with 99.9% uptime and 24/7 expert support guaranteed! Should your website suffer any downtime, then your web host should be able to fix it right away before any damage has been done.

Now, with the holiday season drawing near, you may consider upgrading your web plan so that your website can handle the customer traffic. Cloud hosting is your best choice for this.

Crazy Domains Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, you give your website a blazingly fast loading speed. With solid state drives across a multiple-server cloud network working together to host a group of websites, your website can handle higher levels of traffic and complex web processes. Also, this cloud hosting comes with a huge 500GB webspace that allows you to upload large files – videos, audio, etc. This also speeds up content delivery to your customer.

Crazy Domains SSL Certificates

You must also ensure that your customers, their transactions, and their browsing is 100% secure. A site's verified SSL security certificate is indicated with a green padlock in the address bar beside HTTPS. SSL encrypts information that two computers exchange, especially protecting your costumers' sensitive data, such as their credit card numbers and passwords. Without SSL, any data transmitted over an unsecured network is viewable by a third party.

Almost as bad, Google's Chrome browser is marking websites without SSL as unsafe – which could make you lose your business as customers choose to shop elsewhere.

With the shopping season nearing its peak, your website should also be in its peak performance. With reliable web hosting and SSL you make your online transactions faster and safer; definitely a big win for you and your customers. Don't hesitate to make the best out of this holiday season.